Check Outs

Check Out

After notice has been served by the Landlord, tenant or Letting agent, a check out is required to compare the state of the property with the check-in report. This will check that all items belonging to the landlord are present and in good condition; and return furnishings to the same position they were in at the start of the tenancy and all keys provided at the start of the tenancy have been received.

A landlord or letting agent should give you two weeks’ notice of the date of the check-out inventory to give the tenant the opportunity to be present. It is in your best advantage to attend the inspection because it will enable both parties to talk through any issues there and then and will often help to avoid a formal dispute occurring. If agreement is reached during the check-out inspection, we will make sure the check out is signed and dated as it will then be used to compare the overall condition of the property against the check-in reports and inventory.

Areas of assessment during an inspection:
• The condition of the furniture
• Curtain rods and blinds to make sure they are working
• Stains on carpets or rugs
• All light bulbs
• Batteries in smoke alarms to test if they are working
• Domestic appliances to ensure they are working (whilst it may not be your responsibility to repair them, it is the tenant’s responsibility to report their disrepair)
• The inventory check will also include close inspection for damage and the cleanliness of the property including:
• The condition of walls (dirty marks or damage)
• Domestic appliances including dishwasher, washing machine, microwave, oven and hob
• The bathroom including furniture, floors and tiling
• The kitchen including interior and exterior of cupboards, work surfaces, floors and tiling
• Carpets and rugs
• Windows – exterior and interior
• The furniture (marks and damage)
• The tidiness of the garden (if this is stated in the tenancy agreement)

Please Note: If anything was damaged or marked on the inventory prior to move in, a tenant will not be charged for its repair.

What you can expect from Lightning Property Services: 
• Tenants signed receipt of the Inventory (With E-Sign Facility)
• Allow the tenants to make additions
• Copy provided directly to tenant, landlord and agent for approval
• Receipt of inventory within 1 hour of completion

If you are in dispute you can refer the company holding/insuring your tenancy deposit. They will provide impartial advice for both tenant and landlord. Alternatively you can speak to a Shelter adviser if you are in dispute: