Check Ins

The Check-In Process

All tenants named on the AST should be present at the check-in wherever possible. If the inspection was done prior to your moving-in day, then the tenant needs be given reasonable time to do a walk-through of the property and check it for accuracy. We recommend five working days.  Our notes are comprehensive, unbiased and of a professional standard. If the tenant notices something has been omitted, such as a faulty blind or cracked window frame, they have the opportunity to amend the inventory by writing it down on the document and initialing. Once we are satisfied the inventory is accurate and complete we will gain the tenants signature, date and return it with the tenancy agreement to the landlord or letting agent.

A lightning Property Services inventory/check-in will detail the current state of the property, including descriptions, age and condition of the fixtures, fittings and furnishing. This helps landlords and letting agents compare the state of the property at check-in and at check-out. We will provide the inventory written in clear language, and define the terms used to report the condition or cleanliness of items in the property. These terms will be clear enough for a third party to understand without them being present.

What you can expect from Lightning Property Services:

⦁              Tenants signed receipt of the Inventory (With E-Sign Facility)

⦁              Allow the tenants to make additions

⦁              Copy provided directly to tenant, landlord and agent for approval

⦁              Receipt of inventory within 1 hour of completion

The my deposits Group has helpfully published an inventory guide which includes a number of useful tips for landlords and agents preparing for check-in. The guide recommends that landlords pay special attention to the following key areas at the start of a tenancy:

The my|deposits Group guide can be downloaded for free below:

Landlords and Agents: